1458447_10152733982142598_713491088_n“Since participating in this project we have used these videos in seminars, classrooms, therapy sessions and out in our every-day conversations on a regular basis. We have seen these stories transform lives and soften hearts in miraculous ways. I have since gone on to study Marriage and Family Therapy at Argosy University and have had the opportunity to educate my cohort, professors and even impact the course curriculum. I have taken the message of this movement into my therapy sessions with clients and fellow co-workers alike.

As for our family, we have since moved into a beautiful home on the mountain ridge in Draper. We are building ahome in North Salt Lake and I was able to secure a new position as a Manager for a local software company. Our futures have never been brighter, our families have never been more secure, and we have each found a place in this world that far surpasses anything we ever could have imagined for ourselves.”


Kamrin desperately wanted to be the person he thought he should be, but it only led to misery and despair until he accepted who he truly was. Growing up in a Mormon family, Kamrin had clear ideas of who he should be and who he wanted to be. So at 14, when he realized he was gay, Kamrin completely rejected and buried that part of himself. He was determined to be “the perfect Mormon” so no one would even suspect that he was gay. Kamrin served a mission, got married in the temple, and started a family, but the result was a spiral of pain, self-hate, and desperation—not the happiness he expected. Kamrin became so desperate that he attempted suicide several times. Then one day Kamrin realized that he was miserable because he wasn’t being who he was—he was being what he thought he should be. Kamrin accepted himself and started living the life he wanted where he finally found the happiness he was looking for.

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