1452034_10152372297228574_1646353451_n“I remember filming a couple years ago in Provo, Utah, still getting re-adjusted to life back in the USA after a few years overseas with the recently ex-wife. I’ve come to consider that long flight from Abu Dhabi across the wide Atlantic as my second birthday. The new life has not disappointed me. I spent the first couple years post-hetero marriage/ post-Mormon moving around a lot. I was in full exploration mode. I found myself trying to live in Salt Lake, but after a year realizing I wasn’t ready to be back in Zion. Too much reaction, too many ghosts, not enough newness. So I city-hopped for a time, have fewer illusions of life in the city, and can now appreciate Salt Lake for what it is.

I have found my new ground. It feels real, relieving, right. And it’s mine. I am still basking in a new, more pure sense of camaraderie with my fellow humans- all in this mysterious, gorgeous, at times tragic dream together. I’m enjoying saying “I don’t know” and doing my best to live with intention and compassion in the moment. My growing psychotherapy practice feels like a natural manifestation of this new and evolving love I am living in. Feeling deeply grateful for the long and winding road which has brought me to this place.”


For Jason, much of his early life was fragmented. By placing his sexuality in one compartment and his. Mormonism in another, he was able to make sense of the world and live with himself while remaining active in the church. This segmentation allowed him to date both men and women and eventually marry a woman. Over time, his values began to shift toward being a more authentic person, and he has since striven to find a way to put these fragments together. He feels that coming out doesn’t need to lead to bitterness towards the church; he values his Mormon experience and heritage and respects those who believe as he once did.