eric“Since recording this video, I have finished my master’s degree and now have a grown-up job with insurance. Me and my wife are the parents of a very busy one-year-old who can say “OK” and “I do!” and will probably let you hold him, though if you’re wearing glasses he will take them off your face with one swift motion, so be careful.

I still go to church every week, and in keeping with my desire to be more vocal about my sexuality within the church have shared a few of my experiences with my elders’ quorum, as well as with friends who unwittingly found me on the Far Between website. It’s a start, though there’s still much more work to do. But for the time being, I am willing to take life as it comes, confident that as the dialogue regarding homosexuality and Mormonism continues to evolve, there will be a place for me in it–and in the kingdom of God.”

Eric shares his story of reconciling his same-sex attraction and membership in the LDS Church which eventually led him to decide to marry a woman and remain an active member of the Church. Eric realized he was gay as a teenager and spent several years trying to hide it. He wanted to be a good member of the church and being gay didn’t fit in to that role. When serving a mission didn’t “cure” him of his gayness, he began to be more comfortable about his homosexuality, though he wasn’t very public about it. While attending BYU, he met a girl that he really liked and began a relationship with her. Knowing it was important to be open about his sexuality, Eric let her know he was gay when they first started dating. Though it was hard at first, they decided they still wanted to be together and eventually got married. He knows this isn’t the right choice for everyone, but it is the right choice for him. He hopes to be more open about his sexuality in the future so that others can see it is possible to be an active member of the church and gay.