Please share your story of what it’s like for you to be homosexual and Mormon today and we’ll add it to the list.


YouTube videos


    • Why would a gay man with AIDS join the Church?
      by Steve Densley Jr for FAIR Examination 

      “Steven Wilson is a member of the Church living in the San Francisco Bay area. Twenty years ago, he was introduced to the Church by a recently returned missionary he met in a gay bar. The two eventually moved in together and during the next seven years, Steven developed addictions, contracted AIDS and became severely depressed. As Steven’s condition worsened and he began to feel that he was going to die, he turned to an in-depth investigation of the Church.”


    • Mormon, Married, Gay and Facing Discipline–An Interview with Buckley Jeppson
      by John Dehlin for Mormon Stories Podcast
      “In this 3-part series, we interview Buckley Jeppson. Buckley, 57, says he’s been informed verbally by a senior church leader that his life is incompatible with the doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and that a disciplinary council will soon address the matter. Jeppson, of Washington, D.C., married Mike Kessler in Toronto on Aug. 27, 2004. It is believed that if Jeppson is excommunicated, it would be the first time a Mormon in a legal, same-sex marriage was punished by the church. Jeppson claims that over the past five months Nolan Archibald, his Stake President and CEO of Black and Decker, has encouraged him to resign his church membership, which would avoid disciplinary action.”


    • Overcoming same-sex attraction–Blake Smith
      by Steve Densley Jr for FAIR Examination
      “Blake Smith is a member of the church who has a history with same sex attraction.  In this interview, he shares how he reconciled his sexual attractions to men with the gospel of Jesus Christ and how the law of chastity has brought him peace.  He begins talking about his unsuccessful attempts at aversion therapy and subsequent failed marriage.  He then shares why he decided to stay in the church and what helped him.  He talks about the love and encouragement he received from his ecclesiatical leaders and from a support group called North Star.  He tells his story of finding true love to the woman of his dreams and of finally overcoming same-sex attraction.”


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