Tyler Glenn — lead singer for Neon Trees is proud to be Mormon. In a recent issue of Rolling Stone magazine, Tyler also came out as gay. Since then, his story has been the subject of countless articles and interviews. In his conversation with the Far Between project, Tyler shares details about his process of coming to realize and accept who he is – and how surprisingly difficult that journey has been. Through deep emotion, Tyler describes his astonishment at being lovingly received, first by his record producer, then by his band-mates and the rest of his friends and family. He describes how freeing it has been for him personally and as an artist to be known for who he is. Finally, Tyler is moved to tears by how refreshing it is to not have to pretend to be someone he is not nor pretend to have all the answers about how to be both gay and Mormon. For now, he acknowledges that he doesn’t know all the answers but knows who he is and how he feels and that he loves God and his family.