In part three of her interview, Laurie goes in depth about the pain she faced as the pull between a romantic relationship and her testimony intensified. On the one hand, the woman she loved wanted to settle down, buy a home, and create a life together. On the other hand, Laurie’s feelings to reconnect with her faith would not leave, and for her, reconnecting with her faith meant abandoning romantic ties to women. She speaks of a powerful spiritual experience at the crossroads of this difficult decision that allowed her to see the path she ought to take. She credits an understanding, kind and welcoming bishop with her ability to engage again with the church; additionally, she credits her church activity with her ability to stay away from drugs and alcohol. This video is rough and raw in its style and fitting of such an intimate and off-the-cuff exchange.

Laurie was born a Mormon in Las Vegas in the 1960s. She suffers sexual abuse and struggles with substance abuse as well as the conflict between her same-sex attractions and her LDS testimony. After choosing to sacrifice lesbian relationships for her religious convictions, she then falls in love with and marries a man, they have 3 children together, and are still married 20 years later. Laurie is the author of two books. The first, written under the pen name Erin Eldrich, “Born that way?” was published in 1994. Her new book “Reborn that way” was published in last years.

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(The views expressed in this interview do not necessarily reflect those of the producers of Far Between but are reflective of some aspects of what it means to be LGBT and Mormon.)