Having once sung in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, John used to feel a lot of emotional pain and angst attached to listening to Tabernacle Choir broadcasts because it had represented so much of his heart and passion. John loves to sing and expresses his deepest feelings and spiritual connections through song. Growing up as a devout Mormon, John had internalized many stereotypes about the gay world. But eventually he left his Mormon identity behind in order to come out as gay, and he stopped attending church. Then, for the first time in two years, John found himself attending a Tabernacle Choir broadcasts and sacrament meeting with other LGBTQ Mormons. As he felt the Spirit, John was shocked to realize that he doesn’t have to leave Mormonism behind–and he doesn’t have to stereotype Mormons just as he had once stereotyped gay men. Today John feels that he can appreciate the beauty and diversity of Mormonism. Although he’s been through a long grieving process, today he believes there can be healing and wholeness. He’s grateful he gets to have Mormonism and his sexuality, because both are core parts of himself.