In the first part of her interview, Joanna Brooks, Ph.D, a national voice on Mormon life and politics and award-winning scholar of religion and American literature and culture, talks about growing up as a zealous and devoted Mormon who considered the church her spiritual home. As a student at BYU Joanna was drawn to the feminists and intellectuals on campus and felt she had found her kin. After a high ranking church leader deemed feminists, intellectuals, and homosexuals to be the three greatest threats to the church, Joanna felt torn between the religion she loved and who she fundamentally was as an individual. Joanna suggests that the tension she experienced when forced to choose between these two vital components of her life–the church and her intellectual curiosity–and the resulting depression that ensued–may give her a window into what it is like to be homosexual and Mormon today.

by Krisanne Hastings

(The views expressed in this interview do not necessarily reflect those of the producers of Far Between but are reflective of a part of what it means to be homosexual and Mormon.)