Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints share their stories of love, faith, and support for their homosexual brothers and sisters.

This video was produced by the Far Between team as a way for members of the church to share feelings of empathy, love, and hope. This is not a statement confronting the church – the people or policies. These videos are simply an effort to share stories and offer a sense of hope and community for those who are same-sex attracted or homosexual and Mormon today. If there is any message to be taken by the LDS Church it is that we hope they continue to make strides in creating a more loving environment in Mormon culture that is conducive to those who involuntarily experience same-sex attraction or homosexuality and choose to live the Mormon lifestyle. For many, the current cultural messages and official statements and programs don’t ring true to the lived experiences of many homosexual/SSA Latter-day Saints and therefore tend to fall short in buoying up those most in need. But we know that as we continue to share and listen and work together, we will make it better for all.

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