“Not every little boy who plays with Barbie’s turns out to be gay, but. . . if while playing with Barbies you have Ken break-up with Barbie so he can spend more time with his best friend–your chances go up.” Craig points to such childhood memories, as one of many ways he perceived his differences from his male peers. On the other hand he fit in well with the other young men–he played basketball, went camping, and did all the normal “guy things.” While grateful that his church upbringing did not overexpose him to sexuality or sexual themes, Craig says that it was because of such an upbringing that he did not recognize his attraction to men for what it was until after his mission. Recognition brought relief to Craig, having suffered with self-esteem and insecurities issues for reasons he could not identify. Putting a name to his attractions strengthened Craig. He is grateful that this journey has developed a more rigorous intellect and empathetic outlook.

by Adam White

(The views expressed in this interview do not necessarily reflect those of the producers of Far Between but are reflective of a part of what it means to be homosexual and Mormon.)