Growing up in a military family, Becky’s activity and testimony of the LDS church was a stabilizing force in her world from a young age–she always had to be the first person to the pulpit on fast Sunday’s to bear her testimony. But she was attracted to women so she feared that she would never see her God, who had become the most important force in her life. The fear that she would go to hell for being gay mounted and suicide attempts were made. In the aftermath of the last and most severe suicide attempt, Becky testifies that her Savior had other plans for her–He showed her that her life and her honesty were more important than her attractions. It also became clear that Becky needed to stick around to raise her children, one of whom is transgender. Becky now knows this daughter would not be alive if she were not alive to raise her. Becky’s faith and communion with her Father in Heaven continues to be at the center of Becky’s journey. He helps her understand her children and how to help those around her. Finally, Becky’s support system would not be complete without her wife, whose love and support helps her find her voice.

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