Growing up, Andrea was her younger brother’s biggest advocate. Watching her brother come to terms with his homosexuality and learning to openly express his feelings prepared Andrea to better support her son during his coming out process years later. Although Andrea struggled with her son’s homosexuality at first, she invested her time and resources into creating a supportive environment. She hosted LGBT nights for LDS youth yearning to find a place within their community and constantly prayed to God that she would be a place of respite and unconditional love for her son. Despite these efforts, Andrea’s son vigorously worked to erase his attraction to men through overzealous missionary work and a well-intentioned yet unsuccessful temple marriage. Her son eventually divorced and learned to love himself without reservation. Through the ups and downs of her family’s journey, Andrea has made tremendous efforts to put aside religious dogma and take the transformative challenge to love as Christ does.

by Krisanne Hastings

(The views expressed in this interview do not necessarily reflect those of the producers of Far Between but are reflective of some aspects of what it means to be LGBT and Mormon.)